Patagonia W's Better Sweater Jkt 25543-HABL

Hawthorne Blue



Patagonia is a brand of clothing and accessories for outdoor activities, characterized by its quality and functionality.

The Better Sweater cardigan is made with a soft and warm medium weight fabric. Dyed in baby blue with a low impact process, which consists of significantly reducing the use of dyes, energy, and water compared to conventional dyeing methods.


- Fit slim
- High neck
- Front zip
- 2 front trim pockets


- 100% Recycled Polyester

Technological Features

Technological Features

Fair Trade Certified™

Clothing should express who you are, your personality, your style and your values. Fair Trade Certified™ is a global union in which participates an extensive network of producers, companies and organizations. It's based on the simple idea that every product, both sold and purchased, ought to be aligned with other people's lives too. Garments tailored in a certified factory help make more sustainable life's conditions as well as safer and more transparent work conditions. For every purchased item, employees are given a bonus which can either be redeemed in cash or be spent for the development of social projects.