puma Suede DIAMOND 365650-02

Orchid Bloom-Pu


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The Puma Suede DIAMOND is out now in a Purple color Orchid Bloom-Pu colorway

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  • Suede DIAMOND
  • 365650-02
  • Orchid Bloom-Pu - Purple

About Puma Suede

About Puma Suede

To talk about PUMA Suede is to talk about the history of this spirited German brand. Released in 1968, the Suede was shortly after highly popularized by New York Knicks basketball player, Walter "Clyde" Frazier. It was after this that these kicks were converted into an essential wardrobe piece for hip-hop legends and breakdancers alike, during the 80's. The Suede turns 50 this year and returns with a purpose to become your favorite shoes to date!