reebok CLUB C 85 CN4049



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Get a timeless and fun look with this version of the Reebok C 85 Club.

The legendary shoes are covered in a pink chewing gum colour that contrasts with some beige parts, in the heel and sole area.

- Leather upper

- Rubber sole

- EVA midsole

From the tennis courts to the streets: Reebok Club C 85

From the tennis courts to the streets: Reebok Club C 85

These retro-styled sneakers by Reebok were launched in the mid-80's as part of the brand's "Club Champion" pack, worn on tennis courts by some of the most famous tennis players of that decade. The Club C 85 is a classic model that presents a minimalistic aestheic, featuring an EVA midsole and a high-quality leather upper. The tennis classic has returned stronger than ever and are sure to convert themselves into your favorite and most comfortable pair of kicks!

Technological Features

Technological Features

Midsole EVA

EVA is a soft, light, and flexible material mainly used in the midsole of retro-running and lifestyle sneakers for cushioning. Midsoles are cut and shaped from flat sheets of EVA foam. The name stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, a man-made material, which is extremely elastic, but also provides excellent toughness.