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To celebrate the new Chinese Year that starts on the 5th of February under the pig sign symbolizing the good luck, Vans threw a collaboration with the fashion Chinese brand Purlicue founded by the architect Su Jun Hua. 

These Old Skool are part of the capsule and are characterized by a total pink look in nubuck and canvas. A few details, however, are marking the difference such as the interchangeable side stripes in pink and black and the big logo of Vans on the rear part. The pair also comes with an extra pair of laces. On the sole, we can read "The Fat Year". 

Vans Old Skool

Vans Old Skool

This sneaker appeared in 1977 with the name of "Style 36" and was the first design that incorporated the SideStripe and leather panels on the typical rubber outsole of Vans sneakers. It was already called Old Skool when Marc Jacobs had the opportunity to give his unique touch on the classic model, captivating collectors around the world. The current design of the Vans Old Skool maintains the essence of the original silhouette, making them special for sneaker enthusiasts.