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vans UA OG HALF CAB LX (Leather) VA3DP6FH9



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The OG Half Cab LX Sneakers by Vans Vault are signed by their namesake,  Steve Caballero, and feature a durable leather upper, a padded tongue with the Half Cab brand, plus padded lining for greater comfort, and the classical waffle outsole of Vans.

Vans Half Cab

Vans Half Cab

The first Pro Model of Steve Caballero with Vans came to light in the late 80's. The "Vans Caballero" had a tall cab that the skaters, with time, began to cut in half. It was in 1992 when it was decided to create a new model with a shorter cab that improved the mobility of the skaters. Since then, the Vans Half Cab has never stopped being a classic for skater enthusiasts!