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We have been sharing our very own vision of fashion with our community since 2010, through a product selected for its exclusivity, that aims to break down the barriers between luxury and streetwear. In recent years, we have grown from five people to a team of more than eighty professionals motivated by a specific way of addressing work, where thoroughness and the pleasure of taking on the challenge of continuous improvement is a pillar of SVD.

We want to accompany our client through fashion, trends, design and technology. For this purpose, we have built a team whose individuals all excel in their own fields. Commitment, team work and gratification for a job well done all intersect to define our work culture. Our product knowledge and our digital experience differentiate us in a highly competitive and rapidly developing sector such as e-commerce.

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From our headquarters, we develop the strategies that shape and develop our project. In our logistics center, we coordinate the distribution channel that allows us to successfully deliver anywhere in the world. From our physical stores located in Barcelona, Madrid and Dubai, we work hard to offer an exceptional shopping experience, according to the standards of quality and creativity to which we aspire.

We are currently in an expansion phase, focused on the implementation of innovative technologies that will allow us to keep moving forward to become a global e-commerce reference.