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Belts and Keychains

Two basic and functional accessories that can bring out our personality and enhance our look, check out our selection of belts and key rings!
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    Trendy belts at SVD UK

    Belts are not only a functional accessory, but they can also define one's personal style. At SVD UK we have an exclusive selection of some of the best brands. Hender Scheme stands out for its Japanese craftsmanship and high quality leather, fusing minimalist style and durability. Rick Owens, known for its edgy aesthetic, offers dark and bold belts, often with distinctive metallic detailing. ERL focuses on belts with eye-catching logos and vibrant colours, reflecting a youthful, audacious style. Get the one that best suits your look!

    Keep your keys safe with these key rings from SVD UK

    Leather or metallic, classic or modern, these are the key rings from Hender Scheme, Rick Owens or Neighborhood that you can find at SVD UK.

    Besides performing their most basic function, i.e. keeping your keys organised, they are also a way of expressing the owner's personality. Get yours and keep an eye on your keys!