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From war to art, take a look at how READYMADE transforms vintage military materials into trendy and fashionable pieces. Find out more about this Japanese brand at SVD.

    READYMADE: one step ahead since 2013

    Yuta Hosokawa, designer and founder of the Japanese brand, has made recycling his trademark by repurposing vintage war materials such as tents and uniforms into high-fashion pieces. Hosokawa's leitmotif is to promote world peace. That means turning objects used for violence into objects that are purely for pleasure.

    Jackets, trousers, accessories... All hand-made by READYMADE

    The most iconic American cultural references are the source of inspiration for the brand, known for using bespoke patchwork in many of its pieces, giving the garments a unique touch and detailing. READYMADE items include travel bags, totes, trousers and more, often completed with labels handwritten by Hosokawa himself in pen. Get the garments that best suit your wardrobe at SVD!