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Our selection of jeans just for you so you can wear the best brands on the market. At sivasdescalzo you'll find both classic and breakthrough designs made of fabrics of the highest quality. Find out which silhouette best suits your style.
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Get your next pair of designer jeans

Denim is one of the most resistant and durable fabrics in fashion today. Made from cotton, it is the main material of jeans, also known as blue jeans. It is not surprising, then, that this garment has remained a staple over the years, acquiring more and more relevance in the world of fashion, both casual and more elegant. Today there are thousands of different styles such as high or low rise jeans, wide or straight leg jeans, skinny or oversized jeans… as well as ripped jeans, graphic jeans, branded jeans and many, many more! Go with your instinct: explore the SVD catalogue and get the pair of jeans that best suits your looks. Style and durability have never been more in balance than in jeans.

Denim jeans: a bit of history

The history of jeans is really impressive: patented at the end of the 19th century by the founder of the Levi's brand, this type of trouser served to support the hard work of cowboys and miners in the American West. Years later, it would become a symbol of greaser, hippie, punk rock, and heavy metal subcultures. At SVD, you can find jeans for both men and women, in a variety of styles and colours. Today they are confirmed as an essential piece to wear with any style and on any occasion. Thanks to the wide range of silhouettes, colours and details, there is an ideal pair of jeans for everyone. Get your favourite at SVD!