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This document contains the Terms and Conditions of the SVD Fire Program™ (hereinafter, the “T&Cs”), owned and managed by Proudlaces, S.L. (hereinafter, “SVD”) with Tax ID B65386963, registered office at Calle Maracaibo, 5, Nave 7, 08030-Barcelona (Spain) and registered in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona, Volume 42469, Sheet 100, Page 409287, Registration 9.
By joining the SVD Fire Program™, the user accepts these T&Cs and the Privacy Policy.


The purpose of the SVD Fire Program™ is to create a loyalty program that provides benefits for SVD customers.

General information

The SVD Fire Program™ is SVD’ loyalty program. By joining it, the user will get SVD credit with all his or her purchases, plus exclusive benefits. It is a free program and the user can unsubscribe immediately at any time.
As a general rule, only orders placed after registering in the program generate SVD credit and points, but if the user registers 48 hours after placing an order, the SVD credit and points generated by that order will be added. Raffles (drawings) do not generate SVD credit or points.

How to earn SVD credit

One of the benefits of the program is to generate SVD credit. As a member, all the user’s orders generate SVD credit that he or she can then redeem on future orders to reduce the total cost of the orders. The user can start redeeming his or her SVD credit 30 calendar days after making the purchase.
The SVD credit is generated according to how much the user has spent. 1 SVD credit = €1, $1, AED 1, KWD 1, SAR 1.
To calculate the SVD credit generated by each order, the same methodology is always applied, regardless of the currency: 3% for full-price product, 1% for discounted product or products to which a discount or discount code has been applied. Raffles (drawings) do not generate SVD credit.
The SVD credit does not expire. Pending SVD credit, which has not been added to the user’s balance because the order was placed within the last 30 calendar days, will not be added if he or she return the item or unsubscribe from the program.

What are points and how to earn them

Points allow the user to access tiers. The higher the tier, the better the benefits. Once the user has have earned enough points to reach a certain tier, he or she automatically upgrades to that tier and enjoy its benefits for the rest of the current semester, plus the following semester.
Full-price products generate points, as many points as the user has spent, regardless of the currency.
Points expire every 6 months: on January 1 and July 1.

How many tiers there are and how to reach them

The SVD Fire Program™ has four tiers: SPARK, FLAME, BLAZE, and FIRESTORM. To reach each of these tiers, a user needs a certain number of points.






Tier 1






Tier 2






Tier 3






Tier 4






Currencies with which the user earns SVD credit and points

SVD works with multiple currencies of legal tender. The SVD credit and points are stored in the system in a single currency (€) at a fixed exchange rate. The user can check the SVD credit and points at any time and in any currency. The system will apply the fixed exchange rate and display the SVD credit according to the currency of the country from which the user is currently accessing.
For this reason, the points required to upgrade a tier are different depending on the currency in which the website is being visited at the time.

Unsubscribing from the program

A member of the program can autonomously and immediately unsubscribe at any time by clicking here. Unsubscribing means losing both collected points and pending SVD credit. The SVD credit in the user’s balance will not be lost.
If a user with a recent order (placed less than 48 hours ago) signs up, the SVD credit and points are added as pending. If a member unsubscribes, the SVD credit and points will be lost, and even if he or she signs up again within 48 hours, those SVD credit and points will no longer be added.

Program benefits

1. Free shipping applies to all orders except raffles (drawings) as long as the user is the member of a tier that grants this benefit.
2. Access to exclusive raffles (drawings): SVD reserves the right to decide which raffles are exclusive and for which program tiers. An icon on both the website and the app will indicate which raffles (drawings) are exclusive to the program. If a member does not belong to a high enough tier, he or she will be informed about it on the product page.
3. SVD credit multiplier: the SVD credit will be multiplied by the value corresponding to each tier. This benefit will not have retroactive effect, therefore orders placed before belonging to a certain tier will not benefit from the multiplier factor or, as is the case with the SPARK tier, the SVD credit generation.

Further information

· The user must make sure to enter his or her data and contact information correctly, and to keep them updated. SVD is not responsible for any incorrect information in the user’s account.
· SVD reserves the right to cancel the SVD Fire Program™ at any time. In the event of cancellation, this will be reported on the SVD website and, from that moment on, the benefits of the program will cease. The pending SVD credit up to the date of cancellation of the program can be redeemed within the period and in the manner informed by SVD.
· SVD reserves the right to refuse, cancel or terminate accounts that are believed to be fraudulent or fraudulently used.
· Please click here to read our FAQ.