Nike Cortez. An inherent, bursting attitude.

Change can be driven through spontaneity and boldness. It arises thanks to new formulas that have never been explored before. It comes as an attitude. As a blasting energy you can’t ignore.  



The classic Nike Cortez have been revamped to open new fashion-forward horizons, without losing their minimalist and iconic essence. 

To explore the endless possibilities of the Nike Cortez, we invited the local community of stylists to present their own interpretation of this cultural classic, what resulted in a wide and unimaginable range of different, eye-catching outfits.

When you slay and are unapologetic, you are being Cortez. When you work on your own, with your own style, you are being Cortez. When you are recognized for being true to yourself, you are being Cortez. 

It doesn't matter if the rest believe in your vision or not, the most important thing is to have your own voice, and to follow it.