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Nike Shoes

From the legendary Air Force 1 to the latest running models, Nike shoes are known throughout the world for their fashionable and sporty appeal - find your favorite style at SVD UAE!
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Nike Shoes & Sneakers

Over the course of time, Nike has become one of the leading brands in the sports industry. With its innovative nature, the brand has got used to surprising us, year after year, with some of the season’s best releases. At SVD UAE you can find a whole range of Nike sneakers, in all the colors and shapes you can imagine, all you have to do is find your fav Nike!

Nike sneakers for women: revolutionize your shoe rotation

Enjoy the wide range of Nike sneakers for women we have for you at SVD UAE. From the brand's most classic and sought-after models, to the most technical, modern and innovative designs, such as the brand’s platform sneakers. No matter your style, we are sure you will come across a pair that suit you to a tee at SVD UAE.

Nike shoes for men: a style icon

Season after season, Nike never ceases to amaze us with new sneaker designs for men. In our catalog, you will be able to find a varied selection for every taste and style. We know you can't go without a great classic, but we also have to stay up to date with the latest silhouettes and technologies. Browse SVD UAE to find the right pair of Nike running sneakers for men!

Nike sneakers: a recap of their most legendary models at SVD UAE

If there's something special about the Nike sneaker brand, it's that every season it reinvents itself and releases new models, silhouettes, technologies and materials that win over sneaker fans with these gems.

But the truth is that, even with new releases, some of its emblematic models have already become household names and are more in demand now than when they were first released.

Let's talk about Jordan sneakers, for example. Who doesn't have, or has never had, a pair of Jordan sneakers in their collection? Since this model was launched in the mid-80s in collaboration with the Chicago Bulls’ greatest player, Michael Jordan, Nike has continued to release different editions and colorways. The Nike Blazer and the Nike Air Jordan also remain popular among sports and non-sports fans.

But let's also talk about the symbol of hip-hop culture and one of the most sought-after models among the brand's followers. Yes, we're talking about the Air Force 1. Inspired by the US presidential plane, it was launched all the way back in 1982, when they were the first pair of basketball shoes to integrate an air capsule in the heel.

Your favs may be the Nike Air Max, and that doesn't come as a surprise to us. Launched in 1987, they instantly became a hit for being the first to incorporate a visible air capsule in the midsole. Now we have plenty of versions of the same model available for you, we'll never get tired of the Air Max. In fact, they even have their own day. Every year, Air Max Day is celebrated on 26 March - find your best pair at SVD UAE!

And if you prefer to mix it up between basketball and skateboarding styles, your go-to Nike snkrs are the Dunk, without a doubt. Released in 2002, they soon went down well with the public and became a staple. Its design is inspired by 80s basketball models and youth aesthetics of the time, as well as skateboarding. Nike has collaborated with various artists and professional skaters to create the Dunk model's most fashionable designs. Enter our online store now and find the one that best suits your style!

Nike releases 2023: SVD UAE has got you covered!

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