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adidas Consortium

Find at sivasdescalzo the launches and limited edition collections of adidas Consortium, the most premium line of adidas known for its exclusive collaborations and its commitment to culture and creativity.
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    Buy adidas Consortium at SVD

    At SVD we have the most exclusive adidas Consortium products so you can choose the ones you like the most. Clothing, sneakers and accessories. Discover them in our online store, where we offer you the best quality guarantees and a formidable shopping experience.

    The history of adidas Consortium

    The line is based on collaboration and inspired by collective effort, representing the creative culture of the German brand. adidas Consortium creates the most exclusive collaborations reflecting the history of local communities around the world.

    adidas Consortium, exclusively at SVD

    adidas Consortium is an exclusive line distributed in very few stores worldwide. SVD is one of them, so why not take advantage of the unique opportunity to buy online your favorite products? adidas releases some of its most important models in collaboration with artists, influencers and retailers. This kind of collaborations stem from the adidas Consortium brand together with relevant brands and names of the sneaker culture, obtaining a unique, very limited and special product. At sivasdescalzo we pride ourselves to be part of this list of sneaker stores, that's why you can find a selection of these limited edition products on our online store.