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adidas Men

The adidas men's collection offers plenty of possibilities : classic and modern sneakers, T-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, jackets, bags, caps and so much more. Discover the latest at SVD.
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adidas shoes for the contemporary man

Shoes have become, over the years, the highlight of our look. So much so that sometimes our whole outfit revolves around the sneakers we wear. But with adidas casual shoes for men, from adidas black shoes to white shoes, getting it right and being on trend is much easier. Whether you choose the adidas Originals sneakers or the classic adidas white sneakers for men, they are perfect for your day-to-day outfit or for sports.

adidas men's sneakers: a closet classic

The adidas black sneakers for men are a classic in the world of sneakers and fashion, and will never go out of style. A safe bet for running, going to the supermarket or for whatever activity. Their adaptability, design and comfort make them the perfect choice to keep your feet nice and comfortable. In a myriad of designs, silhouettes, fabrics, technologies and prices, adidas shoes for men are available for you at SVD UAE!