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Founded by Japanese designer Hidehiko Yamane in the 90s, the brand recreates 40s-style American denim. Renowned in Japan and around the world, the brand excels in attention to detail and attracts a great deal of interest in vintage denim.
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    Denim craftsmanship, Japanese style

    The craftsmanship employed by the brand on the jeans, distinguished by its now famous hand-painted seagull logos - a symbol of quality and attention to detail - earned the brand international recognition, as well as its trademark symbol that defines Evisu jeans.

    Yet the brand's commitment to craftsmanship goes beyond jeans, and spans a wide range of apparel and accessories. Evisu's collections fuse traditional Japanese aesthetics with contemporary streetwear trends, resulting in unique and stylish garments that appeal to a diverse audience.

    Evisu: from tradition to innovation. Now at SVD UAE

    While remaining true to its Japanese heritage, the brand continues to keep pace with changes and new fashion trends. Evisu never ceases to inspire fashion enthusiasts with designs that are not only iconic, but are also of superior quality and cultural significance. Along with this unique approach of combining tradition and novelty, Evisu is a respected and esteemed brand name in the world of Japanese fashion, and you can now check it out at SVD UAE.