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Air Max 97

The Air Max 97 is a Nike shoe designed by Christian Tresser and released in late 1997. Inspired by Japanese high-speed bullet trains and the metallic finishes of mountain bikes, the AM97 became very popular in Japan and Europe, especially in Italy. The ostentatious design of this Air Max is coming back to celebrate its 20th anniversary in a wide range of colorways. Did you shop a pair?

    The inspiration behind the Nike Air Max 97, from myth to reality.

    Designed by Christian Tresser towards the end of the 90s, the Nike Air Max 97 are arguably the most striking style icons of the era. The name of their OG colorway, ‘Silver Bullet’ made it sound like their design was based on the Japanese ‘bullet train’, but, despite how wildly popular this theory has become, the truth is much more simple than that. To create the emblematic silver design, Tresser was somewhat motivated by the ripples created by the rain in puddles, and also by his love for mountain biking. In the 90s, all sports equipment came in a metallic color, and the Nike 97 were no exception, going on to become a must-have for all sports activities and much more. Get yours at SVD!

    The Nike 97 revolution continues to impress.

    Love them or hate them, the Air 97 were designed for athletes’ needs, but remained a cultural staple thanks to their futuristic and captivating design, typical of the 90s. This model also introduced an exciting new feature, unlike its predecessors, by incorporating air bubbles throughout the entire midsole for the first time. The signature concealed lace-up closure also caught the eye, turning these sneakers into a must-have for any lover of sporty, urban style. Relive 90s fashion with the Air Max 97 OG available in silver, gold and pink!

    The latest Air Max 97s for men and women are now available at SVD.

    Notably a hit in Japan and Italy, where they became subculture icons in the 90s, the AM97s are both versatile and comfortable. Our selection includes everything from the classics to the season’s most sought-after models for men and women, such as the Air Max 97 SE. Check out the SVD catalog and choose from Air Max 97 in white, black, gray… and much more! What are you waiting for?