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Nike Clothing

Sweatpants, sweatshirts, shorts, printed T-shirts... Find the most iconic Nike pieces (and not only that) in the SVD UAE selection, they won't disappoint!
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Iconic and essential: the best of Nike clothing is just one step away

For decades now, Nike signature garments have been a must-have in every closet. Their versatility and timeless look have made them the stars not only of outfits but also of magazine and music album covers, posters, movies and TV series. Without their influence, the 'sporty-casual' style would not exist. From classic Nike crewnecks to matching pants, t-shirts, shorts… There’s something for everybody! Treat yourself to garments designed in collaboration with the most relevant brands, artists and designers of the moment, so you can adopt a fashionable style that suits both your taste and personality. Come and discover the SVD UAE selection and take home some quality Nike garments.

Nike pants never go out of style

Ideal for the gym and the city: men's and women's Nike tracksuits and track pants have won over generations of urban fashionistas thanks to their comfortable, lightweight design that allows you to express your style to the fullest, whether it's worn alone or coupled with a matching top.

In the SVD UAE catalog, you'll find both the latest and most classic styles, ready to make you look and feel your best. Hit the gym or have fun with friends without sacrificing fashion with a pair of Nike pants. Stretchy or baggy, classic or innovative, colorful or in neutral tones, the choice is yours. Discover the SVD UAE catalog and find the model that's right for you!

Nike Clothes for men: snap up a Nike sweatshirt or hoodie today

These Nike garments are perfect to pair with your everyday outfits. Made of quality materials that are comfortable and warm, they are often decorated with vibrant graphics or unique variations of the iconic Swoosh, for a style that will not go unnoticed. At SVD UAE, you will find only the coolest models of the season, so what are you waiting for? Check it out!

Nike Clothes for women: You can't go wrong with a Nike T-Shirt

Needing a simple piece full of personality and legacy? Look no further. At SVD UAE, we offer a wide range of tees, both printed and plain, to complement your outfit in the most stylish way. Come have a look!