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Puma Cali

The Puma Cali, which gets its name from the 'Californian Technique', was made possible by women and their hard work. In the 21st century, this cross-cultural icon of the 80s is still making waves.

Puma Cali: what’s the story?

We're taking you back to the American Civil War with this one, as it was during this era that the 'Californian Style' came about. While their husbands were fighting, women in the West of the USA were unable to tackle the heavy machinery in shoe production, and sought an easier procedure with a simple quilting machine, resulting in the Californian style. The secret to its success over time is in the sole, equipped with two degrees of hardness with the part that hits the ground first being softer than the rest, proving a hit on the courts for players. Now a fashion favorite on the streets, the Puma Cali has gained itself the status as a cross-cultural star, perfect for both sports lovers and fashion enthusiasts!

Why you should get your hands on a Puma Cali Sneaker

Grace your feet with comfort and quality with the Puma Cali Sneakers. Carefully designed and manufactured, the Cali ensures your foot is protected and at ease by using genuine nubuck on the front. It also guarantees breathability by equipping the sneaker with breathable mesh nylon, recalling the AC of California. But what is most impressive of all, is the anatomical foot bed of the shoe, that prevents the ‘slipping forward’ of the foot in the shoe that can cause frustration. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the Puma Cali collection we have ready for you at SVD UAE in a wide range of colors and styles, like the Cali Sport, the Cali Star and the Cali Pro.

Puma Cali Wedge: the boost you need

By combining the height of a heel with the comfort of a sneaker, the Puma Cali Wedge is a clever shoe you can rely on for any occasion. Its bold, chunky and extreme sole will undoubtedly make you the star of the show, so get ready to stand out wherever you go.