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Puma Mayze

If you dig the sporty look, you must get your hands on the Puma Mayze. A bold model with a thick sole, it's a shoe set to elevate your style. We have a wide range of Puma Mayze sneakers for women, so you can always count on comfort and class! Check out the SVD UAE website and you'll find something just for you!
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    Take it up a notch with the Puma Mayze Platform

    We all know that women love a wedge shoe, so we can guarantee that they will be left speechless with the Puma Mayze Platform. These have taken on a whole new meaning thanks to singer Dua Lipa who added a personal touch to them in her collaboration with Puma. But these aren't the only shoes that are trending in the world of Puma sneakers. You can find them in white, black and beige. This minimalist palette creates a contrasting effect and gives the sneaker a sleeker look.

    Discover the Chelsea, the bolder version of the Puma Mayze

    The Puma Mayze Chelsea Boots will literally lift you up and fit comfortably on your feet as you hit the city sidewalks. This shoe, like the entire Mayze range, features a platform sole that will take you to the next level. A striking streetwear-inspired silhouette with a dual-density Puma footbed of two unique cushioning layers that offer long-lasting comfort. Plus, the rubber midsole adds just the right amount of comfort, while the strap, made from recycled materials, sits in the heel area, ensuring a secure fit. Puma Mayze Chelsea ankle boots usually have a fabric loop or tab at the back to help you put them on. Check out our online store, where you will find many other silhouettes, from the Puma Mayze Classic to the Puma Mayze Leather, for a more electric look!