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#html-body [data-pb-style=MS630FE]{border-style:none;border-width:1px;border-radius:0;margin:0;padding:0}RAF SIMONS has become one of fashion's most celebrated figures since entering the industry in 1995. Now, the Belgian designer is venturing into the world of footwear with RAF SIMONS (RUNNER), a sports-inspired line that reimagines classic sneakers and shoes through experimentation with form and function.
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    RAF SIMONS (RUNNER) shoes: the reinvention of classic footwear

    Born in Belgium in 1968, Raf Simons is one of today's most influential fashion designers, known for fusing the energy and uniqueness of teenage subcultures with the crispness and precision of classic craftsmanship and tailoring. Over the years, with his creative style evolving and maturing, the key elements of his designs remain the same: modern proportions, a constant search for materials and textures and, above all, the interplay of pure construction and new forms with the body and psyche of the contemporary human being. On the official sivasdescalzo website, you will find a curated selection of shoes like the Solaris and boots like the Cylon by RAF SIMONS (RUNNER), the contemporary line of footwear with which the Belgian designer intends to conquer future generations. Don't miss out. The most exclusive RAF SIMONS (RUNNER) shoes for men and women of the season are available at SVD.

    RAF SIMONS (RUNNER) shoes, now available at SVD.

    With a distinct and innovative style, designer Raf Simons continues to create fashion pieces with a charmingly rebellious spirit. His designs are always looking for now and tomorrow, even if they are inspired by historical or classic references. This is the case of his RAF SIMONS (RUNNER) sneakers collection, a line of luxury sneakers, influenced by sports, which stands out for its futuristic shapes and functionalities. Among its exclusive offerings are such coveted and disruptive models as the Cyclon 21, Cyclon 22, Orion and Antei. Each one of them made with premium materials such as leather and suede, with bold colors that obey the latest fashion trends and under rigorous quality standards that guarantee comfort, style and durability. Explore our online store and get to know the latest RAF SIMONS (RUNNER) sneakers for men and women. We have different payment options, as well as an express service, so you can receive your order in record time wherever you choose.