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Rick Owens Clothing

Discover Rick Owens' clothing collections at SVD UAE. The avant-garde Californian designer combines grunge and glamour in all his creations, giving his garments a unique look. Rick Owen's pants will surely turn heads!

Oversized and bold. Discover Rick Owens jackets at SVD UAE

The brand of the renowned Californian designer presents in all its collections unique and alternative pieces that are nourished by the successful result of combining genres as disparate as glamour and grunge, and the Rick Owens puffer jacket, made with ultra-lightweight nylon of the highest quality, could not be less. This, together with Rick Owens leather jacket are a statement of the brand's intentions: elegance, minimalism and avant-garde in a single piece that will become the star of any winter closet. SVD UAE's careful selection of Rick Owens products is now available, so you can complete your outfits with the most glamorous grunge jackets.

Go for an alternative look with Rick Owens pants

Rick Owens pants embody the philosophy of the Californian brand. In the Rick Owens jeans collections the designer discards the trends imposed by the climate and lifestyle of his hometown, with its beaches and sunny days, and creates sophisticated yet casual pieces that exude personality and simplicity at the same time. Rick Owens' joggers, one of his star pieces, are made with virgin wool and opt for comfort thanks to their baggy cut. Rick Owens shorts, an unmistakable signature of the label, made from wool and cotton that offer a casual and alternative look. And finally, Rick Owens jeans—a classic and a sure bet for style, quality and elegance.

Rick Owens Sweatshirts: a basic reinvented

Among Rick Owens products you will find at SVD UAE there are 100% cotton hoodies with futuristic cuts and the brand's characteristic neutral colors. Hoodies with front or side zippers, crew neck… Unique cuts that do not detract a bit of comfort to his garments but give them a great style that is unmistakable. Rick Owens knows how to perfectly blend opposite genres. Why wait? Come and discover the collection of the designer who created the Glunge style!