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OTW by Vans

OTW by Vans is a premium collection that connects the worlds of urban fashion, art and music with some of the brand's most iconic silhouettes. Each season, the label features exclusive sneakers designed in collaboration with influential artists and designers.
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OTW by Vans: pushing boundaries since 2013

Originally known as Vans Vault, OTW (Off the Wall) launched in 2013 as a platform to push the boundaries of Vans' classic design heritage. This elevated line collaborates with leading artists, designers, and musicians to create truly unique and collectible pieces.

Find the latest OTW collection at SVD

OTW by Vans collections showcase a fusion of cutting-edge design, premium materials, and meticulous craftsmanship. Each piece, from limited-edition footwear reinterpreting iconic Vans silhouettes to high-quality apparel and accessories, embodies a distinct creative vision. OTW collaborations are especially coveted, with past partners including streetwear giants like Supreme, high-fashion houses like Comme des Garçons, and legendary musicians like The Beatles. Explore the latest OTW by Vans collection at SVD and discover a world of elevated streetwear where creativity and craftsmanship collide.