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Parisian essence and sustainable soul: VEJA is one of the most sought-after footwear brands of the moment. Its silhouettes are setting trends thanks to its commitment to protecting the environment. This label only employs sustainable materials from responsible sources.
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    Unveiling VEJA sneakers

    Since 2005, VEJA has been crafting sports shoes differently. The brand's mission is straightforward: to create sneakers able to withstand the test of time, taking into account not only their design but also social responsibility. Each of the models that make up the VEJA sneakers catalog takes several years of development due to a meticulous design and manufacturing process that includes responsibly-sourced sustainable materials—such as organic cotton for the laces, linings, and uppers—harvested by farmer associations, in both Brazil and Peru. Innovative fabrics are included too, from recycled cotton sourced from industrial waste, to recycled polyester obtained from household waste. The Roraima B-Mesh, the Rio Branco Hexamesh or the V-10 Flannel are some models crafted from these materials. C.W.L. is VEJA’s alternative to genuine leather: a cotton base layered with a special textile made from corn waste that looks and feel like cowhide—minus the environmental impact. Slip into a pair of V-10 C.W.L. and you won’t notice the difference.

    VEJA manufactures its sneakers in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil, in factories and workshops that comply with ILO standards and guarantee fair wages, regulated working hours and decent working conditions for its staff.

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    VEJA women's sneakers: this season's must-haves at SVD

    At SVD you can find the most sought-after VEJA women's sneakers of the season: from the classic and timeless V-10, V-120 and Esplar, to retro editions like the Rio Branco, Nova, Roraima and V-Lock, to more modern silhouettes like the Marlin and Venturi or the Performance Runner and Runner Style 2 developed in collaboration with the renowned fashion designer Rick Owens. We offer you an exclusive selection of VEJA sneakers in all sizes, colors, and designs—all perfectly fitting the female foot anatomy. Don't miss out!

    VEJA for men: designed in Paris, ethically manufactured in Brazil

    At SVD you are sure to find all styles of VEJA men's shoes: from the most cutting-edge and innovative models of the season to the most sober silhouettes—a must-have in men's wardrobes thanks to their timeless look. Each pair of VEJA men's sneakers is designed in Paris following the latest footwear trends, and ethically produced in Brazil, benefitting both the environment and the workers. Why wait any longer? Shop the latest VEJA sneakers at SVD!