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Basketball Shoes

Basketball shoes are a fundamental part of the game, and they can make the difference between an assist and a turnover. Traction, support, cushioning: Check. Style? You bet. These are the features that count, and at SVD you will find a wide range of basketball shoes that have them all.
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Basketball sneakers: the very beginning

The first models worn on the basketball court appeared around 1920 thanks to Converse shoe and player Chuck Taylor. A few years later, adidas, Puma and Reebok also got into the act, with a series of technical shoes that greatly improved performance and durability. But it was Jordan and Nike that changed the sports footwear landscape forever with their sports technology. Nevertheless, each of these brands has played a key role in the constant evolution of basketball shoes and their models have become a reference point both on and off the court. In our catalog you will find both iconic models such as Air Jordan 11, Air Jordan 5, Reebok Question, Reebok Answer, as well as contemporary and limited editions such as adidas Crazy, Jordan MA2, adidas Dame, Jordan Delta or Nike LeBron. Purple, red, green, black, and white basketball shoes are all available at SVD in men's, women's and children's sizes. Buy your next basketball shoes and get the ball bouncing!

Women's basketball shoes: fashion, performance and functionality

We know how crucial fashion is to you, and how much more so is performance. That's why, season after season, our sports footwear experts carefully select the most exclusive women's basketball sneakers of the moment. A premium selection with the perfect balance between fashion, performance and functionality. On our online catalog you will find everything and more, from low to high basketball shoes, from retro models to the latest releases and collaborations with musicians, athletes, designers, and brands renowned in the world of basketball and sports fashion. What are you waiting for? Buy a pair of b-ball kicks now on SVD's online store and own the court with style and skill.

Men's basketball shoes, discover SVD's selection

Improve your performance with men's basketball sneakers available on SVD's online store. Our selection includes today's most cutting-edge athletic shoes with the technical specifications you need to perform at your best during all four quarters of play. Whether you're looking for Nike, Jordan, adidas, Puma or Reebok basketball shoes—you've come to the right place. At SVD, you'll find several options to suit your style of play and your personal style, so you don't have to give up either. Revolutionise the league with your score and outperform your rivals with a new pair of high-performance shoes. And with our multiple payment options and express shipping service, you'll be able to start playing with your new purchase in no time.

The most exclusive basketball designer shoes at SVD

If casual basketball shoes are not your thing because you only live for the most exclusive designs, you'll feel at home at SVD. Each season, our fashion experts select the most hyped sneakers, so you can boast your new kicks on the court and get all the eyes on you while you jump through the air to score. Have a look at limited-edition and designer shoes in our store and get them delivered to your door in no time with our express shipping.