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They say that a perfume is the most intense form of memory, so the perfume you choose is just as important as the clothes. Your perfume reflects your personality and your tastes. Each fragrance note says something about you. Discover the most exclusive fragrances at SVD.
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The most exclusive selection of perfumes, only at SVD.

Fruity, floral, intense, fresh, exotic, unisex, woody fragrances... All the options you can imagine and more can be found at the sivasdescalzo store. Our fashion experts have put together a varied selection of perfumes and fragrances for all types of people and personalities. Check out our catalog, read the description to find out more about the product's characteristics, fragrance notes and ingredients and pick the one you like the most and feel resonates most with you.

You can also gift a loved one a perfume to show them your love and affection. You're bound to find the perfect option in our store, since we sell fragrances for men and women, as well as unisex ones, so everyone has the chance to buy their own. Don't hold back and make a difference with your SVD essence!