Skateboarding Takes Over Dubai: SVD & adidas Skate Jam

Last weekend, we teamed up with adidas to bring the skateboarding community in Dubai an epic day of sun, 360º flips, and quality music.

Even before the event started, attendees were eagerly anticipating the adidas skateboarding show, as the German brand had gathered some of the top skateboarders to participate. Heitor Da Silva, Hermann Stene, Gustav Tonnesen, and Maite Steenhoudt showcased their skills in Dubai d3 for the enjoyment of those present.

We also partnered with the talented Habibi Skateshop, a collective that has helped capture the essence of skateboarding culture and has spread it throughout Dubai, to organize an open skateboarding competition. Local skateboarders showed off their impressive skills and style with incredible flips and grinds that left us in awe. We awarded the best skaters with SVD credit and merch, and invited everyone to dinner with us. 

Artist Ali Cha’aban had been in charge of customizing the whole skatepark to create the perfect setup for the event, and the beautiful sunny day and perfect location made it an unforgettable experience. DJ deadmandraws was also on hand to provide the perfect soundtrack for the evening.

We are excited to announce that this was just the beginning. This event was the first of many to come, and we can't wait to share more amazing experiences with the community in Dubai. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events and don't hesitate to stop by our new store in d3. We hope to see you soon!