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What went down at the SVD x Nike Cortez ‘Do it first’ event

A stylist is someone who makes fashion visible to the masses, who makes it relevant, and makes it valid. That’s why last Tuesday 30, alongside Nike, we celebrated the legacy of the iconic Cortez, with an afternoon workshop with local women stylists, followed by an evening to welcome summer on the eve of festival season.

Alicia Padrón led the stylists' workshop at Pasaje Montoya, along with 9 other emerging stylists from the Barcelona scene and around the country. Using their incredible imagination, the challenge was to create their Cortez look. Alicia, who had prepared up to eight designs and creative lines for the girls to choose from, encouraged them to build their pieces by being true to themselves and reminded them that this is finally the moment for women in the industry to be acknowledged. In this intimate and creative cosmos, the girls designed several garments using different techniques such as airbrushing, stitching and, of course, sewing machines; playing with metallic embellishments, intricate finishes, patchworks and swooshes.

When all nine Cortez looks were complete and put on display, it was party time, with DREA and NAGUIIYAMI providing all the music, with a mix of Kuduro, Afro-House, Amapiano, Brazilian funk and Dembow... Across the room, Santagemzzz held the special spot. Their tooth gem designs were a hit with everyone present. That evening we were able to create a women's space, to celebrate their work and creative power. 

Photo by Marta Inguanzo

Video by José Pouchucq

Text by SVD