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adidas Shoes

adidas sneakers are key in any athlete's equipment and in any fashion enthusiast’s closet. Their exclusive designs, be it for sports or for strolling the city streets, are created with trends and sporting technologies that best suit modern lifestyles in mind.
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adidas sneakers: style, quality and sport

Choosing adidas sneakers is always a good shout, as it's a brand that offers you the latest innovations with top quality assurance. Whether you’re looking for something flashy to go all out in the gym, with a bright green or yellow adidas shoe, or if you are into more traditional neutral colors such as white or black adidas, at SVD we have your ideal adidas sneakers. We also offer prints, such as animal print, to elevate your sporty look.

adidas: Endless sports sneakers

Over the years, sports activities have become more and more popular and diverse. This has led to sports companies offering footwear options specially designed for each one of them. At SVD, we have a wide selection of adidas brand shoes for hiking, running, soccer, tennis and basketball - we even offer adidas skate shoes for the skateboarding pros. Plus, adidas offers the latest technological innovations to improve the safety and performance of their products. Sneakers are no longer just for sports. Nowadays they are the star of women's and men's closets and looks all over the world. adidas sneakers are not only a firm favorite of sports professionals but also of street style lovers. adidas, considered one of the most important international sports brands, has been manufacturing footwear and equipment since 1920 and has earned the trust and admiration of fashion lovers.

adidas: much more than sport

adidas presents all-terrain collections that offer supreme quality and elegance. The brand creates all kinds of technical garments and sneakers that incorporate the latest technologies. adidas was founded by brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler in 1920, and at the time its products were limited to sneakers. With the boost of effective marketing investment, they achieved success in the mid-1930s. Today, adidas is one of the most relevant brands in the sports industry, used by many athletes who choose the three striped brand for the quality of its products.

Hi, mid and low: adidas for all sports levels

adidas offers a wide range of footwear styles, including high, mid and low top options. High-top sneakers offer ankle support and a bold look, so they are often a favorite for basketball or street fashion. Mid-top shoes offer a balance of ankle protection and flexibility, making them versatile for a variety of activities. Low-top sneakers are lightweight and casual, perfect for everyday wear and fashion. Each style shows adidas' commitment to quality, innovation and design, catering to different preferences and needs. Whether sporty or casual, adidas high, mid and low sneakers embody the German fashion and sports brand's legacy of performance and style.

adidas for all occasions

One of the perks adidas has to offer is its diverse catalog. SVD is your go-to multi-brand online store that provides you with the most exclusive adidas products. Such as the Bad Bunny sneaker, one of the most recent collaborations between the brand and the Puerto Rican singer. We have a wide and carefully selected assortment of adidas products for all tastes and occasions. We are specialists in choosing the best sneakers for your everyday life and also for the most special moments. Boost your look with adidas and SVD!