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adidas 4D

The adidas 4D has been a turning point in the sneakers' scene. Its revolutionary midsole was 3D printed by using light, oxygen and liquid resin, while the upper feature Primeknit, a lightweight and flexible fabric that adjust to the feet's shape.

adidas 4D: the sneakers of the future

The adidas 4D has marked a change in the world of running shoes thanks to its innovative construction, which combines the comfortable Primeknit fabric with the futuristic 4D midsole, made by digital printing and composed of light, oxygen and liquid resin. These technological shoes manage to provide greater support and controlled energy return, while retaining the lightness typical of running models.

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4D Technology: designed exclusively for athletes

The 4D pushes the boundaries of running thanks to its impressive midsole that offers stability, comfort and shock absorption. The fusion of all its features makes it the perfect shoe for runners of all levels. But the adidas 4D goes beyond that, and in recent times it has become the queen of streetwear.