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Billionaire Boys Club

Behind Billionaire Boys Club you find none other than American musical artist Pharrell Williams and Japanese designer Nigo, founder of BAPE. BBC is a brand of clothing and accessories of urban style characterized by its colorful garments and head-turning prints.
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Billionaire Boys Club: streetwear for all boys

Brought to you by the innovative minds of Nigo and Pharrell Williams, Billionaire Boys Club is one of the world's most well-respected streetwear brands. Like most Japanese brands, BBC is characterized by its artisanal manufacturing processes, which combine tailoring techniques with the latest innovations. BBC is one of the brands that is contributing to the growth of streetwear worldwide. Find the brand's quality products at SVD Kuwait, and have them delivered to your home in no time.

BBC: billionaire mindset, street culture

Launched in 2005, BBC combines bold designs with premium materials, creating a unique aesthetic. Pharrell’s “Billionaire Club” clothing features an iconic astronaut logo and vibrant graphics, blending luxury and street culture to appeal to a diverse audience of fashion enthusiasts.