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The combination of different elements of the universe gives rise to completely new and different substances. One of the fundamental bases of chemistry is the central axis of the fashion brand C2H4. The Los Angeles-based brand is a specialist in mixing design and functionality, achieving unique and exceptional garments and accessories.
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    What’s the concept behind the C2H4 clothing?

    The brand C2H4 is not only a rising brand, but also a major player in contemporary fashion thanks to its futuristic style and conceptional campaigns. C2H4 is the chemical formula for ethylene, a compound of carbon—from which all life on Earth is composed. C2H4 is a brand focused on the creation and composition of elements to create new matters. Fashion borrows this concept from chemistry, which is why C2H4 Laboratory is used. The concepts and attitude are always future-oriented and visionary, dealing with topics that have not yet happened, exposing variables, theories and facts. Discover at SVD all the hoodies, T-Shirts and pants from C2H4.

    Discover the C2H4 shoes at SVD

    Founded by designer Yixi Chen, the American firm expresses its fashion philosophy through an experimental spirit that results in innovative garments. Like chemists, the brand's experts mix different substances to create new materials. Focused on pioneering weaving processes, they analyze the composition of all their garments, taking into account everything from their physical and visual properties to the final synthesis: a unique elaboration that forms a peculiar and unmistakable style. At SVD you can find sneakers from the C2H4 x Vans collection, a series of sneakers that combine black and white with different fabrics, textures, prints and details and that you will definitely want to add to your collection. You won't want to miss out on the Vans Mountain Edition either, a pair of C2H4 high top sneakers made of leather and suede that will accompany you on all your adventures. Don't hesitate any longer and take a look!