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District Vision

The brand District Vision, founded in 2016, is a pro at fusing everyday practicality with athletic expertise. Discover it now at SVD.
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    District Vision: wellness comes first

    If you're all about excellence, you'll love the new running apparel brand we're launching at SVD: District Vision. Its philosophy focuses on wellness and takes a holistic view of athletics. So much so that they collaborate with elite athletes to ensure they design their glasses and apparel to perfection.

    Behind the District Vision brand are its two creators, Tom Daly and Max Vallot, who met a few years ago at the University of London and decided to bring this project to life in 2016.

    In 2014 they tried to improve the technology used for sports glasses. They contacted a group of runners in Central Japan to do so. The combination of real life with precise Japanese engineering resulted in the first solar running glasses, an accessory designed for athletes and made in Japan.

    Discover the new District Vision collections

    But that's not all. Besides running sunglasses, the brand also offers District Vision T-shirts, along with shorts, which are already regulars in the collection, and you can now find them at SVD.

    Don't miss the brand's upcoming releases, now at SVD!