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Founded in 2016 by Gosha Rubchinskiy and skater Tolia Titaev. Rassvet (pronounced Rass-vyet) is an evolution of Rubchinskiy's diffusion line that now operates as an independent streetwear brand. With designs influenced by classic skateboarding silhouettes, this label aims to represent the unique beauty of Russian culture through a youthful and rebellious language.
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Rassvet (PACCBET in Cyrillic), meaning "dawn" in Russian, is a streetwear brand created in 2016 by multidisciplinary designer Gosha Rubchinskiy and professional skateboarder Tolia Titaev. Their exclusive clothing and accessories collections, heavily influenced by Russian skateboarding and youth scene, is distributed worldwide through selected retailers, such as SVD.

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Whether it's a t-shirt, a hoodie, a printed shirt, a pair of modern cut pants, a cap or a pair of socks—whatever piece you're looking for from Rassvet—you'll find it in our online store. We have the most exclusive garments of each of the brand's seasons. Browse SVD and discover Rassvet's latest drops.