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Women's Long Sleeve T-Shirts

This sporty garment has become a symbol of streetwear. Long sleeve t-shirts are one of the best choices in terms of urban clothing, thanks to their infinite versatility.

    Get your hands on long sleeve T-shirts women from the best brands at SVD

    Long sleeve t-shirts for women are a staple because they match with everything and allow you to create looks of all kinds. Comfortable and warm, the t-shirt is the piece that we wear the most every day. Whether you like it plain, colorful, with stripes or all-over motifs, long or cropped, you can combine it with jeans or a skirt, sneakers and a jacket to create the chic look you love. For a more 90s look and skater style, you can always wear a short-sleeved T-shirt over a long-sleeved one. Visit our website and discover our selection of long sleeve t-shirts. An exclusive offer composed of all kinds of designs, from the most classic and sober to the most daring and modern. You will find the most fashionable styles of the moment created by the most relevant brands and designers of streetwear.

    Women’s long sleeve graphic tees, pick your favorite at SVD

    Unisex and oversize tee-shirts with an urban flair or crop tops with long sleeves… whatever your style and whatever you fancy, you will find a large selection of women's long sleeve graphic tees. From the floral prints of Reception to the large illustrations on the back or chest of Yah! and Polo Ralph Lauren, to the understated logos on the chest of some of the biggest brands and the stripes of Pop Trading Company, Neighborhood and Undercover, you'll be spoiled for choice.