In the Los Angeles streetwear circuit, many remember the day that Jakob Deitell disappeared. One of the most active clients seemed to have been erased from the scene. Considering the number of rumours, only a few knew the real reason, a sentence for drug trafficking that would keep him in jail the following decade. After he left the Lompoc penitentiary, Deitell had many doubts and was only certain of one thing; he’d never go back.

The creation of the brand was designed months before he left prison. His references were Supreme and Union, but also the Japanese brands that began to be introduced in the United States for their extraordinary quality and their completely new style. A type of streetwear that began to change its pace to pay more and more attention to garment design and execution. Brands that ten years before had opened a path that we now know is the right one.

Far away from the different drifts that had been developing in the past decade, Jakob Deitell recovered the irreverence of an era and showed new possibilities of evolution.

Creating a brand was natural, it meant returning to the starting point at the time when that place had become the true focus for fashion. Staying away from glorifying his time in prison, which is normally common in popular culture, his brand had to show his life from an honest point, opposed to the clichés of rappers and gangsters that were the creators of trends.  A critic of the romantic patina that covers crime stories, Deitell discovers a stark reality.

The name, 000 (triple zero), seeks the truth from external experience. It refers to the purest cocaine, but it was not an expression Los Angeles’ neighbourhoods but the title of the book by Roberto Saviano, an Italian journalist who has managed to portray the entrails of drug use and trafficking.

Garments, cut and sewn in the United States from Japanese textiles, make continuous references to jail, but eliminate all kinds of glamour associated with it. The result is a product that seeks for perfection usually connected to luxury through a very different image.

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