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The SVD Fire Program™ rewards your passion for sneakers and fashion with benefits on all your purchases.

Join now and set your closet alight with exclusive benefits.

How does it work?


You only need an SVD account to join and enjoy exclusive benefits.


Collect Points

Generate points with your purchases and unlock new benefits.


Earn SVD Credit

Earn SVD Credit every time you make a purchase.


Save up

1 SVD credit = $1, redeemable on your next purchase.

Tiers & Benefits

Tier Spark

Tier 1 - SPARK

0 - 299 points

Tier Flame

Tier 2 - FLAME

300 - 649 points

Tier Blaze

Tier 3 - BLAZE

650 - 999 points

Tier Firestrom


1000+ points

Tier 1 - Spark
Tier 2 - Flame
Tier 3 - Blaze
Tier 4 - Firestorm
Generate SVD credit with your purchases
Early access to sales
Get more SVD credit with every purchase
Free shipping on all your orders
Access to a selection of member-only raffles
Access to all member-only raffles

How does it work?

Once you join the SVD Fire Program™, you start earning points with each of your purchases of non-discounted products.

The more points you collect, the higher your tier and the better your benefits. Each time you upgrade your tier, you'll enjoy its benefits for at least six months.


Plus, with each purchase, you'll also generate SVD credit that you can redeem on your next purchases.

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SVD Fire Program™

What is the SVD Fire Program™?

The SVD Fire Program™ is our loyalty program. By joining it, you'll get SVD credit with all your purchases, plus exclusive benefits.

How can I join the SVD Fire Program™?

You can join here. If you already have an SVD account, please log in. Otherwise, sign up and answer a few quick questions to help us get to know you better. It won't take more than five minutes.

Upon completion you will already be part of the SVD Fire Program™.

Can I join the SVD Fire Program™ for free?

Yes, being part of the SVD Fire Program™ and enjoying its benefits is completely free of charge.

What happens if I make purchases with other currencies of legal tender?

We offer you the possibility to pay in different currencies of legal tender and we do the conversion process to Euro automatically, so you don't have to worry about anything. If you want to change your country, you can do it from the menu at the bottom right.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes, you can unsubscribe at any time from MySVD.


How many tiers are there in the SVD Fire Program™?

The SVD Fire Program™ has four tiers—SPARK, FLAME, BLAZE and FIRESTORM. To reach each of these tiers you need a certain number of points.

How and when do I receive my benefits?

When you are in a tier, you already enjoy all its benefits. You can check them at any time by accessing MySVD. Plus, if you activate email notifications, you'll receive news about the program and information regarding your benefits.

How do I upgrade my tier?

Tiers are unlocked when you reach a certain amount of points, in which case you level up. The tier is upgraded as soon as the last points are processed, that is, 30 calendar days after the purchase is made.

How long do I get to keep my tier in the SVD Fire Program™?

Once you reach a certain tier, you enjoy its benefits for the remainder of the semester, plus the following one. Points are reset at the beginning of each semester. If you collect enough points to stay in your tier, you will extend your benefits for six more months. And if you exceed the required points, you will level up.

Can I know how many points I have left to reach the next tier?

Yes, you can check all the information regarding your current tier and how many points you need to reach the next one from MySVD.

What happens if I don't reach the tier's minimum points amount during the established period?

Once the period established for your benefits is over, if you haven't reached your current tier's minimum points amount, you will be downgraded and will no longer enjoy its related benefits. If you are in SPARK, you will keep your benefits even if you don't make any purchase.

Will I get free shipping on all my orders?

Yes, as long as your tier includes this benefit. However, keep in mind that free shipping doesn't apply to raffle items.


What are the points for?

The points are only and exclusively used to determine which tier you belong to. Once you obtain the right amount of points, you automatically move up to the new tier and enjoy its benefits for the remainder of the current semester, plus the following semester.

How do I earn points?

Once you join the SVD Fire Program™, all your purchases of non-discounted products, without a discount code applied, will generate points. $1 spent on non-discounted products = 1 point.

Raffle products do not generate points.

The amount paid with SVD credit will not generate points or more SVD credit.

If you change country and currency we will convert the points to that currency.

Do my points expire?

Yes. Points expire every 6 months: on January 1 and July 1.

When will I receive my points?

The points you earn with each purchase will be displayed as soon as the purchase is made, but will remain pending until 30 calendar days after the purchase. Then, they will be added to your accumulated total.

What happens if I return a product that earned me points and SVD credit?

The pending points and SVD credit for that product will be deleted and will not be added to the accumulated total.

Will I lose my points if I unsubscribe from the SVD Fire Program™?

Yes, by unsubscribing you will lose the points you had collected and those that were pending.

Where can I check my points?

You can see your earned and pending points at MySVD.

SVD credit

How do I earn SVD credit?

Once you've joined the program, you'll automatically earn SVD credit for each purchase you make.

When you place an order, SVD credit will be generated and it will remain in pending status until 30 calendar days have elapsed. However, if during those 30 days you return the order or unsubscribe from the program, that SVD credit is lost. If after 30 days you have not unsubscribed or returned the order, the SVD credit will be added to your balance. The SVD credit of your balance doesn't expire and isn't lost, even if you unsubscribe from the program.

How much is 1 SVD credit worth?

1 SVD credit = 1 €

Will I earn SVD credit with every purchase?

All purchases generate SVD credit, except for raffle items and the amount you pay with SVD credit.

How much SVD credit will be added to my account?

Every time you buy a non-discounted item, you'll earn SVD credit worth 3% of what you spent.

Every time you buy a marked-down item, you'll earn SVD credit worth 1% of what you spent.

Every time you buy an item to which you have applied a discount code, you'll earn SVD credit worth 1% of what you spent.

The amount paid with SVD credit does not generate SVD credit.

Raffle items and purchases made with discount codes do not generate SVD credit.

Can I redeem my SVD credit right away?

You can start redeeming your SVD credit 30 calendar days after making your purchase.

How much SVD credit will I earn if I purchase a non-discounted product and redeem SVD credit at checkout?

You will still earn SVD credit worth 3% of the item cost.

Do the purchases I have made so far generate SVD credit?

No. You will only earn SVD credit for purchases you made up to 48 hours prior to joining the SVD Fire Program™.

How can I redeem my SVD credit?

You will be able to choose the amount of SVD credit you want to use during the checkout process. Nevertheless, you cannot redeem SVD credit when purchasing raffle items.

Does my SVD credit expire?

No, the earned SVD credit on your balance won't be taken away. You can spend it gradually or accumulate it all and then invest it in a single purchase.

Pending SVD credit, which has not been added to your balance because the order was placed within the last 30 calendar days, will not be added if you return the item or unsubscribe from the program.

Will I lose my SVD credit if I unsubscribe from the SVD Fire Program™?

Your current SVD credit balance will be protected but any pending credit will be lost. If you go, you'll no longer earn SVD credit when you purchase items from our store.

Terms & Conditions

You can check the SVD Fire Program™ Terms and Conditions here.