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Dress your feet for every occasion with our premium footwear selection for men and women. You’ll find everything from the limited edition sneakers to daring summer sandals. Our offer also includes elegant shoes, winter boots and a line of technical and sports footwear.
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Find shoes online from top brands

Shoes are one of the most important accessories in any look. Just swap out a pair of heeled booties for a pair of comfortable sneakers, and you can go from an elegant dinner party outfit to a more casual one, perfect for a walk or running errands. At SVD, we know that choosing the perfect shoes is not an easy task, as you have to consider several factors such as the weather or the occasion you need them for. And most importantly: the comfort and durability of the pair we choose. Nothing like finding loafers, stilettos or boots that fit our feet and allow us to walk for hours and hours, or running shoes that are our best ally that let us give our best when we go running. That's why we've gathered the best quality brand shoes, so you'll have no trouble finding your favorite model and be sure it will fit you like a glove.

Looking for summer shoes?

It's never been easier to find sandals that you like and that are comfortable, so you can enjoy your vacation without your feet hurting, because here you'll only find brands that work with top quality materials and focus on taking care of your feet and your comfort above all else. If you're planning a trip and are worried about the cold, the winter shoes you'll find at sivasdescalzo will exceed all your expectations: comfortable, warm and perfect to protect you from the cold, rain and snow wherever you go. And don't forget spring shoes! The in-between seasons can seem like a complicated time of year: cold days, warm days... but we have the solution! The wide variety of brand name shoes we offer will allow you to find what you're looking for with the peace of mind of knowing your pair of shoes is of the highest quality.

All branded footwear is at SVD

At SVD, we've got a curated selection of original shoes through our limited editions, reissues and collaborations, for both men and women. Contemporary designs offering the perfect balance of comfort, functionality and style. So you'll find iconic models, retro silhouettes, but also top urban fashion sneakers with chunky silhouettes, bold colors and animal prints. And let's not forget wedges! You won't go unnoticed with our crazy shoe designs! Get ready for catwalk shoes to hit the streets!