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If you combine the minimalism of Japanese and Scandinavian cultures, you end up with a modern, luxurious and sophisticated brand, and that's AXEL ARIGATO.
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    AXEL ARIGATO: the brand that has been giving thanks since 2014

    Back in Sweden in 2014, its co-founders, Max Svarde and Albin Johansson, launched the brand by merging the minimalism of East and West with a very clear purpose: to embrace the now and always look for the tomorrow.

    Their philosophy is also very clear: customers speak, they listen, and the magic happens. The Scandinavian brand sets aside their hectic schedule, typical of the industry, to launch weekly drops in response to customer feedback. That way they’re able to maintain a solid inventory and greater purchase awareness.

    AXEL ARIGATO: high quality sneakers

    Quality, craftsmanship and longevity are three key features of AXEL ARIGATO sneakers.

    All of their suppliers are located in Europe, and Porto is where the bulk of the production happens. The choice of materials is the first step they need to take to obtain a quality final product. This is why they are chosen carefully, with leather, for example, coming from tanneries with good environmental practices.

    In keeping with its values, AXEL ARIGATO produces eco-friendly sneakers that are both bold and sophisticated, and versatile too, guaranteeing you have an option for every kind of occasion going, with the help of the AXEL ARIGATO Orbit, the Dice, or the trusty Genesis, to name a few.

    In a nod to the brand’s purpose, the AXEL ARIGATO Orbit Sneaker is a future classic, incorporating 20% recycled rubber into the design, but maintains the playfulness through contrasting pops of color on the leather-suede silhouette. Meanwhile, the AXEL ARIGATO Dice embraces the present, with a sprinkling of the past, in the shape of a modern silhouette exuding a vintage allure, with the surface of the vintage effect leather wearing off over time, for that classic worn effect.

    The AXEL ARIGATO Marathon Runner

    Level up your running kicks with the AXEL ARIGATO Genesis Vintage Runner, one of the f retro-inspired yet minimalist kicks from the AXEL ARIGATO Genesis family. Drawing inspiration from 90s style running shoes, these sneakers are revisited with an exaggerated sole and a variety of colorways, and reflect the brand’s eco-friendly stance through the combination of premium leather and textile produced using recycled PET bottles and SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC, which comes from plastic marine litter from SEAQUAL INITIATIVE. The AXEL ARIGATO Vintage Runner is just what you need to hit the tracks!

    AXEL ARIGATO Clean 90

    The clue is in the name: sleek and sophisticated, these kicks come in a clean, timeless design and are rounded out with a subtle logo stamp in gold, an intricate but perfect finishing touch. They have remained a brand classic since they first hit the scene in 2016 and perfectly represent the brand’s environmental values, with the incorporation of certified premium leather and sustainable materials in their designs.

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