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New Balance Shoes

The history of this brand began in 1996 in Boston, United States. William J. Rey, a British immigrant, created the New Balance Arch Support Company, selling orthopedic insoles. More than 100 years later, New Balance has become a benchmark in both sports and streetstyle.
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Browse the best selection of New Balance shoes at SVD

Founded in Boston, Massachusetts in 1906, New Balance is one of the most influential sports and streetwear brands in the world today. Initially called New Balance Arch Support Company, it specialized in the local production of orthopedic insoles that offered the wearer arch support and “new balance”. Later, the brand began manufacturing custom-made sports shoes that would meet the needs of different types of athletes, and finally it focused on models that were not only comfortable and technical, but also in step with the latest trends in urban fashion. Yesterday as today, each shoe is indicated with a number that defines its type, the activity for which it was designed and the characteristics of speed, stability and much more. By not fully naming its shoes, NB gives them the same value, making function and features prevail over branding. New Balance continues to offer quality in manufacturing as well as unsurpassed comfort, and we at SVD have rounded up the trendiest models on our store so you won't miss out.

Discover the New Balance Sneakers

Experience the comfort and support of New Balance running sneakers and break all your records. Explore the limits of retro-futuristic design with the latest New Balance XC 72, inspired by the conceptual car sketches of the 1970s. Relive 90s fashion and pay homage to the basketball stars who marked an era with the New Balance BB550. Wear the high quality of the 1550, based on 80s-90s British culture and style and produced in the Flimby factory in the UK. The choice is yours! At SVD you'll find these and many other carefully selected models, from the most classic to those crafted in collaboration with today's most relevant sneaker brands that reinterpret the legendary NB's "N" according to their unique perspective. Find the color combinations that best suit your style and feel the excellent support provided by the latest technologies. Suitable for any occasion, New Balance sneakers will become your new wardrobe essential. If you're looking for quality in manufacturing, retro yet updated style and unparalleled comfort, buy a pair of New Balance shoes at SVD and notice the difference right away.

New Balance running shoes

Traction, stability, reactivity and high-quality manufacturing. That's the secret recipe for a pair of New Balance running shoes. Put them on and start breaking all your records while keeping your foothold stable for a safe running experience. Find within our wide selection the NB that best suit your style and peace—from the latest technologically-advanced silhouettes to reissues of the classic ones that will always hold a special place in every sneakerhead's heart.

New Balance dad shoes

Either you like them or you love them. The dad shoes trend is hardly dying and New Balance knows how to keep the interest high. One of the first brand to popularize chunky shoes (the late Steve Job used to wear a pair of 992), New Balance still releases models with retro designs, a wide fit and all the 90s vibe. Your next blue, beige, black or white New Balance shoes await in our online store, so why wait? Get your NB delivered to your door in no time with our express shipping.

New Balance Made in UK: When past, present, and future come together

New Balance Made in UK sneakers include some of the most popular models in the world of athletic footwear, still around after decades thanks to quality craftsmanship based in Flimby, in the UK. New Balance brings together its past, present and future in the Made in UK collection, where the most relevant fashion trends of the moment blend with handcrafted production techniques and cutting-edge materials. The result: versatile, comfortable and stylish models like the New Balance 991, 1500, 920, 577, 670 and many more. Check out all the latest releases in the New Balance Made in UK line in SVD's online store. The most sought-after models of the moment are waiting for you in men's and women's sizes.

Everything you need to know about the New Balance Made in USA Collection

The New Balance Made in USA sneaker collection contains some of the most iconic silhouettes in the world of athletic footwear, which have been on the market for decades thanks to the seal of quality that represents their manufacture in the USA for more than 75 years. New Balance Made in USA is a premium footwear collection, where fashion trends merge with artisanal manufacturing techniques and cutting-edge materials. It features versatile, comfortable and fashionable models such as the New Balance 992, the New Balance 997 or the New Balance 990 in all its versions, from the V2 to the V5. Shop the New Balance Made in USA collection at the SVD online store: a range of high quality sneakers for men and women made in the USA.