The arrival of 2020 will see the advent of new trends and the evolution of others we already know. Now accepted as a staple for the sportiest styles and those closest to luxury, sneakers have entered the trend game, sometimes as real trendsetters, other times as followers of already-existing fashion currents. Let's start the new year by predicting what the 2020 trends might look like.


Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia

A corporate and social move rather than a trend: sustainability has gone through several stages in recent years to become a powerful factor in buyers' choice. What seemed to be a central theme for a few limited brands like Patagonia or Veja, was later picked up by once allegedly uninterested companies. The next few years will help us to redefine the concepts and transform a trend into a crucial  element.


-Olympic Games

Issey Miyake, Lituania at Barcelona 1992

Every four years the Olympic Games own the trend game. Sport brands design their products with Olympic events in mind, so chances are 2020 will be a year of innovation. But the Games aren't just a sporting event: Issey Miyake, Levi's, Ralph Lauren and Stella McCartney have designed Olympic uniforms, and some elements of the opening ceremonies have been real trend accelerators.


adidas 4D

Keeping up with the cyclical trend of recovering fashion from the past, we traveled back to the eighties and nineties; next is the arrival of the millennium, the year 2000, that apocalyptic and yet technological experience in which innovation tried ostentatiously to be seen. In 2020, we'll see visible air chambers and typical elements of the millennium, but also new technologies such as 3D printed soles. Silver, speed and a touch of fear typical of the 2000 effect.


adidas Superstar

The answer to the micro trends that update almost weekly, lies in the return of classics. We saw it with the Air Max and the Stan Smith, and we will see it with the Air Force 1, the Superstar, the New Balance and the Chuck Taylor. So far they have been released in pure white, that’s why we bet they'll be dropped in black this 2020.


Converse x Pigalle

Luxury brands, musicians, athletes... The last decade has definitely declared collaborations as a fundamental method for developing new ideas and presenting one's own brand in front of a new audience. Not that the collaborative model is a recent phenomenon -what's recent is rather the impact it has been having on consumers.