Olivia Kim joins the great Jordan family with a collaboration that is heavily influenced by  rave culture and hip-hop aesthetics of the ‘90s… Isn't it the ideal time to review the female influence in the most recent collaborations of the Jordan house?

The present is conjugated in feminine. It is not surprising, then, that there are many firms that are opening to that influx of women to renew themselves inside and out. And it is not surprising either that the last major addition to the Jordan collaborations team is none other than Olivia Kim.

And this family that is well established within the Nike world is being revealed as the ideal playground for a designer like Kim, who has revolutionized Nordstrom’s landscape from her position of vice president at the head of the company's creative projects. A privileged position that Olivia has taken advantage of to provide the firm with a joyful electroshock of influences that include the rave cultures aesthetics and the hip hop style of the ‘90s. Could this vision tie in any better with that of the Jordan world? It couldn’t. And that's why her review of the Air Jordan IV in a lustful black totally recovers the original Nike Air logo, underlining its eloquent tribute to the past.

Olivia Kim, however, has not been the only female collaboration that has shaken the Jordan family in recent times. A few months ago, for example, Aleali May crowned her unstoppable rise (from Instastar to sneakerhead, from model to stylist and from there to fashion designer) devising her own Air Jordan. And, more or less at the same time, Melody Ehsani put the cherry on top with the Fearless Ones project with multicolorued shoes on which the sole read “IF YOU KNEW WHAT YOU HAD WAS RARE; YOU WOULD NEVER WASTE IT ”.

That’s from the design and fashion perspective... But we shouldn’t forget that Jordan has always been nurtured from another perspective side, that of sports and what’s technical. So it is quite natural that some of the most interesting collaborations of recent months have been signed by basketball players such as Kia Nurse, Asia Durr or Maya Moore. The latter, in fact, even collaborated with Aleali May in a capsule collection that was crowned by two specific models: the Court Lux Air Jordan 1 and the Air Jordan X. Is it clear, then, that it is not only the present that Is conjugated in feminine, but also the future?

Aleali May & Maya Moore
Aleali May collaboration
Asia Durr
Aleali May & Maya Moore collaboration
Kia Nurse
Melody Ehsani collaboration