Thirty years after its birth, adidas Consortium are relaunching the sneakers that made known the Torsion system, a creation that is hidden in the midsole that has continued to carry out a fundamental role in the history of the brand until now.

The Torsion system consists of a TPU arch, that is more rigid than the midsole, which is in charge of joining the heel and the forefoot, and allows for the front and the rear of the foot to operate independently. Its first appearance was in the rebirth of the ZX saga in 1989, when four digits started being used as names. The re-editions of the most representative models of that series inside of adidas Consortium focuses on four sneakers; ZX 5000, ZX 6000, ZX 7000 and ZX 9000.

In an attempt to remain true to their original models, each one of them keeps the original colour, one of the reasons for its success. The mixing of bright colours was very striking in an era in which running sneakers were usually grey or blue. But there was a reason behind these strange colour combinations, each one of them was associated to a feature from the sneakers: yellow for the models that focused on support, blue for cushioning and green for controlling your foot strike. To get the sneaker that is most suitable for your foot strike all you had to do was choose the appropriate colour.

The re-edition under adidas Consortium keeps the lines from 1989 but it adds two new details, the lace loops and the insole that remember the three decades of the Torsion system’s life. The images that join the launch are based on the aesthetic of the campaign I want, I can, with a graphic focus based on colour blocking and the participation of athletes like the runner Grete Waitz, footballer Michael Thomas or decathlete Daley Thompson.

The first one to reappear will be adidas Consortium ZX 5000 on August 10 and from there, each week there will be a new launch.