Many times, the mascots of a sporting event are usually remembered with more care and affection than the actual event they’re the image of. This was definitely the case with Naranjito. The official mascot of Spain’s ’82 Football World Cup once again takes centre stage, but this time with Adidas Consortium’s new Sobakov Boost model. We presented it yesterday in Madrid in a big way. Topanga and Mans O warmed up the ambient with their beats, and the last one stared in the launch video with Candela Capitán and Alejandra Smits.

Our store at times became a time machine, in which not only the sneakers were the main focus but also the iconic Naranjito. The presentation also coincides with the current football craze that is starting to be felt in the streets of the city on occasion of the Champions League Final which will take place next Saturday, June 1st. Whilst Tottenham would finally leave Ajax, that started out strong, in the last minute out of the final, at Sivasdescalzo we were dancing to Mans O’s music which he was playing from the booth.

It’s precisely Mans O who produced the music of the art piece that plays with this collection, which you can see  here  if you haven’t already. In the film, alongside him, Candela Capitán can be seen dancing as Alejandra Smits’ poem can be heard. And like in the film, at the party some of the World Cup’s moments were seen as the Catalan DJ and producer alternated them in the form of a loop throughout his session.

As well as the Sobakov Boost, adidas Consortium also drops a polo shirt, both with a classic-futuristic line using the figure of Naranjito and combining its colours as a starting point to relive Spain’s ’82 World Cup, that would mean the consolidation of a liberalising era in Spain after many years of dictatorship. And what is very clear after having seen the presentation, by seeing the number of guests that tried on the garments and took photos, is that you don’t need to be a massive football fan to appreciate this sneaker, even though many of the people present surely have yelled out Goal! more than once in their life. And still, it was an evening full of art, fashion and football, all-together, unlike other times. And sure enough, everyone went back home with a complimentary Naranjito keychain.