RE:FRESH with Judeline, TRISTÁN! and Mori

A deep, creative universe with a splash of color

Festival season is upon us. To mark the occasion, we decided to go for a stroll with several Spanish artists, days before their shows at Primavera Sound.

An artist's mind is a unique place, one that is often so inaccessible that we can only see a glimpse of it through their music. This time round, along with adidas Originals, we were able to enter the creative universe of Judeline, TRISTÁN! and Mori.




By simply speaking with Tristán and Martín, you get the feeling they’ve been collaborating together their whole lives. While they compose music separately, the two members of Russia Idk share a creative language, concerns, and even passions; making their bond a benchmark in the new Spanish bedroom pop scene.



Lara Fernández, aka Judeline, will be performing at Primavera Sound twice this year - first in Barcelona and then in Madrid at the first edition of the festival in June. The Cádiz-born artist clearly states that she wants her music to be constant, not just a one-off event, refraining from anything that implies going viral. She also explained that before each concert she feels that rush that reminds her that what she is experiencing is real, and she feels privileged for that.





Wandering the streets of Madrid is enough to get to know someone, but not enough to understand what that person carries inside. Luckily, we can keep up with Lara, Tristán and Martín through their music and concerts.