adidas ZX 10000 C

The ZX, a line created by adidas in the early eighties, revolutionized the world before its disappearance in 1990. Now, original designer Jacques Chassaing, retrieves the saga right where he left it... at the waiting for the arrival of the ZX 10000.

The ZX saga was created in the mid-eighties and it divided into two series: the first one with three-digit names (450, 550, 600...) and the second one with four-digits (4000, 8000, 9000...); a saga that became the real revolution of running, being based on the latest available technology. Torsion bar to improve stability, Ghilly lacing system, reflective parts, outer heel counters and a functional distinction through colors. Most of those models, conceived by a design myth, Jacques Chassaing, also creator of adidas Forum and Salvation.

In 1990 adidas had already reached the ZX 9000 (as well as the almost unknown RX 9500) and the world was expecting something new for the next saga. After the three-digit and four-digit lines, what could the ZX 10000 have meant?

However, at that time adidas changed its course and on its new path appeared the EQT, an equally revolutionary line, originated this time from adidas' archive. The ZX was put aside but not forgotten, and have since been returning in one way or another, as new editions or inspirations for new models.

For its 30th anniversary, adidas went to look for Jacques Chassaing to continue the ZX line right where he left it. That first ZX 10000 has remained in game with special editions by Chassaing himself or with the two new colorways released now, the same that were used in the advertisements of the time.