The adidas archive is a kind of museum where you can review the history of sport and design. One of those museums where every inanimate object can come alive at any time. The last to do so is an adidas Tischtennis, a shoe that comes to SVD exclusively for Spain and Portugal. 

When Adi Dassler founded adidas , he did it as a footwear company associated with sports, so he tried to meet the demands of any sporting activity. Much of adidas' success relies precisely on developing ideas to solve never-before-seen needs, which sometimes proved to be suitable for other situations as well. There are football boots designed for training on snow or designs for curling, archery, bowling or skydiving, footwear that forced designers to innovate with new materials and creations. 

Ping-pong was one of those sports with peculiar needs, a sole that allowed fast and explosive movements in any direction, a perfect fit and a highly breathable upper. adidas knew how to do so, because it had already developed models for Eberhard Shöler, the German table tennis star. Under his direction, adidas even developed a line of sneakers with his name, in the style of the Stan Smith for tennis. The adidas Tischtennis, launched in the second half of the seventies, used many of the German brand's lessons and adapted them to a new model.Under different names according to the market in which it settled, it hid its innovation in a seemingly simple design that became common in other indoor sports. 

The open mesh, the rubber sole and the asymmetric reinforced toe box of the adidas Tischtennis now come back with a style that fits with the brand's seventies classics, but also with current lines and without stridencies.