While the world is still recovering from the revolution stirred by her album Oil of Every Pearl's Un Insides, SOPHIE already has a new project with Juliana Huxtable. It's called Analemma, and two of its songs are already available... A project as mysterious as everything related to this artist.

Something SOPHIE is known for is precisely that mysterious aura she has been carrying around throughout her career. The intrigue was set since the beginning, when she went under the spotlight for themes such as Bipp or Lemonade. Many concertgoers were convinced that SOPHIE was the woman singing on stage... except she wasn't. That woman was, in fact, Hannah Diamond. SOPHIE was the guy on the side of the stage, almost hidden, playing the records. An explanation came in the end: in the video of It's Okay To Cry, the artist finally reveals their face and makes it clear that SOPHIE is her now,  and that, in reality, she has always been. Following her transition, she finally revealed herself to the world like the woman she is. So there'd be no more confusion.

One might be inclined to think that Sophie Xeon (the name she chose to reflect her true gender identity) played the mystery card to hide her transition process. But the fact that she decided to stay away from the cameras even after It's Okay To Cry, is rather an indication of her reserved personality. One of those creative personalities who prefer to diverge the attention towards their work, not their person. And the work, in this case, is astronomical. First, her self-productions, collected on an album that has already become a true icon of the 21st century post-human electro music: Oil of Every Pearl's Un Insides. Secondly, her productions for other artists, among whom figure the big names that are trying to revolutionize the pop scene, such as Madonna, Charli XCX and Lady Gaga.

The latest demonstration of SOPHIE's love for the mystery came in early December. Out of the blue, the Russian label трип (Trip, founded by Nina Kraviz), published a music collection titled locus error. The album included two songs by a band called Analemma: Plungyng Asymptote and Liminal Crisis... The first surprise was the very sound of those songs: a sort of mix between experimental electronics and incendiary spoken work.

The second one was discovering that Analemma is SOPHIE's new project alongside Juliana Huxtable, an artist who uses music as an additional tool of her activism work. An activism, in her case, stemming from the fact she was born intersex and didn't start transitioning until after university. Anyhow, the mystery remains: what is the girls' real intention behind this new project? With SOPHIE involved, the mystery is sure to last for a while. But it will also give us many sound gems to treasure.