As their professional career is linked the world of fashion and entertainment that is tied to nature, Keita Ikeuchi and Mihoko Mori have tried bringing the same feelings of joy and convenience that you feel when wearing your favourite clothes in the city to the mountains. Once they were no longer attached to more traditional fashion brands, Ikeuchi and Mori managed to incorporate their beliefs and experiences in and wander.

Although they focus on outdoor activities, they always have an element that turns their pieces into something different, elevated and fresh, balancing the fashion and outdoor elements. That’s how they started making their own garments, not only for their technical abilities but also for their style. They wanted outdoor clothing items that would encourage them to keep going to the mountains, but that also could be used in the city.

Ikeuchi and Mori, with a long history in the fashion industry, try to bring part of that sensibility to a functional product based on their own experiences in the mountains. Garments with zippers that allow for ventilation, technical fabrics and flat seams that follow the shapes of the body, items that look for comfort and that don’t ask themselves whether they prefer the streets or the mountains.

For their latest collection, and wander avoids having only one inspirational element and they base themselves on functionality, from which they add new elements. They add camouflage patterns and ombrés to classic reflective elements and for the first time a motif of a paint splatter with a reflective effect. A new collection that is bringing back a sensibility to outdoor clothing.