The acid, protagonist of the new collection by Aries Arise

In its new SS20 collection, Aries Arise summarizes the ensemble of graphics, dyes and effects that turned it into one of the references points of the new European brands.

Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell, the founders of Aries have a long history of creating cult brands, such as Holmes or Silas, and interesting participations at the Palace (Purcell created the impossible triangle of its logo) and Slam City Skates, the shop that became a meeting point for the London creative community during the 90s.

With Aries they have managed to make all these stories work as a basis for a new style that doesn't understand the differences between streetwear and luxury. In the new line, they keep some of their key pieces -their quintessential No Problemo, their hints at the streetwear of the 80s and 90s, pop culture, baggy silhouettes and the tie-dye effects linked to the Do It Yourself.

In this line, teen cultures and urban tribes are coupled with the not-so-evident references of Sofia Prantera's idols.