BESFXXK is the unpronounceable name behind which Jae Lim and Bona Kim hide themselves, a pair of creators that are helping place South Korean at the epicentre of aesthetic creations. Their experimental vision towards fashion adopts a surgical focus for the development of products that combine not only ideas but elements of garments with very diverse histories. A vision that reflects itself in its name, a play on “bespoke + fucked up”.

BESFXXK’s design approach is profoundly respectful of history. After developing their academic careers in London (Jae Lim at the Royal College of Art and Bona Kim at the London College of Fashion), they base their designs on the heritage of military functionality and classic tailoring. Deconstructed and re-created pieces, functional details that are reinterpreted in the search of beauty, hybrid that mix denim and track pants, British style raincoats with unexpected finishings and destructured sweatshirts.

Each collection is designed and produced in Korea from Japanese fabrics and is distributed to around thirty points of sale among which from this season onwards SVD is included.